Painted Shirt

Pretty in…neon pink? That’s right, this bright colored t-shirt is a perfect project for the girls in your house, but how did those flowers get on there? We’ll show you how to use stamps and color block to create this pretty tee!



What you'll need:

  • White t-shirt

  • Tulip Cool Color Block

  • Spray on fabric paints in neon pink, orange, green and yellow

  • Flower shaped foam stamps, large and small

  • Cutting board or cookie sheet

  • Wax paper

  • Clear tape


How to make it:

  1. Wash and dry the shirt, do not use fabric softener.

  2. Tape a sheet of wax paper to the cookie sheet or cutting board.

  3. Insert the board inside the shirt and place outside on a surface that you don’t mind overspray on, or line with newspaper under board and shirt.

  4. Fold excess areas of shirt around to the back of the cutting board to avoid overspray.

  5. Apply Cool Color Block to the foam stamps and press on to shirt where you want your flowers to appear. Be sure you use enough Color Block to cover the area of the stamp well. Let Color Block dry for one hour.

  6. Test your first color of spray paint on a piece of newspaper. Spray pink in the lower left corner, be sure to cover the Color Block well.

  7. Spray the lower right with green, upper right with orange and upper left with yellow.

  8. Allow to dry for 24 hours or at least overnight.

  9. Rinse out the areas that had Color Block, use your fingers to rub the fabric to remove the Color Block. Rinse the entire shirt.

  10. Wash shirt after 72 hours.


  • You can find Color Block and spray on fabric paint at your local craft supply store.

  • Spray-on paints come in several different colors; we chose neon shades for our project.

  • Try this method on light colored shirts such as yellow or pale pink and use bold-colored spray-on paint.