The objective of Asteroids' Revenge III is to destroy the attacking ships.



Move: Mouse or Arrow Keys

Move Allies Close: Z or Scroll Wheel

Move Allies Away: X or Scroll Wheel

Release Allies: [ or Left-Click



When the circle on a ship turns red, it means it is about to fire. Wait until right after they fire to destroy them.  Speed is a very useful skill, because you are very slow when you start out. However, the others are very useful too.  Be sure to add allies frequently.

You will sometimes be given free allies during levels, so be sure to collect them.


If the enemies are transparent, you will have to wait a while and dodge their attacks until they become opaque, at which point they are vulnerable.  Your allies can take more damage than you can, so use them as shields if you need to.  If your health is low, choose Grow at the end of the level.


When faced with gold ships, spread your allies out and trap the ships in a corner.  To get the good ending, destroy 3000 ships.