The object of Thing-Thing Arena 3 is to kill as many enemies as possible and to do so with style. Points are awarded for killing enemies, and depending on how you kill them, you will be awarded additional points.  You're only allowed to carry 2 weapons at a time as well as your lead pipe. If you have any fewer weapons, any that you walk over will be automatically added to your inventory. Also, if a weapon is allowed to be dual wielded, you'll automatically pick up its companion weapon.



Move Left and Right: A and D

Jump: W

Duck/Take Cover: S

Run: Shift

Shoot: Left Click

Change Weapon: E or Mouse Wheel

Reload: R

Throw/Exchange Weapon: Space

Switch to Melee: Q or Click Mouse Wheel

Grab/Execute: F

Pause: P

Note: Keys can be remapped at any time in the Options menu and Pause menu.